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Friday, January 25, 2013

External Confirmation

Not that I need it, but it is always nice to have palpable confirmation of the shimmers in the ethers when they are felt.

Yesterday's post was entitled "It's Getting to be 'That Time."

Today, just a few minutes ago in fact, we heard one of our hens carrying on with her "I laid an EGG!" songs. It's still well below freezing out there though above zero, sunny and the wind has subsided (Weather Underground puts the temp at 14 degrees) so we quickly went out to see if she was telling the truth, or just carrying on.

Lo and behold, our first egg of the year!

The hens have been on hiatus since late that fall, when the flocks -- both chickens and ducks -- were decimated by a weasel. Scared them enough, apparently, that they abruptly fell out of laying mode. Now, typically hens slow their laying way down, if not stopping completely, in winter due to longer nights, and begin laying again as the days get longer. Most poultry raisers light the coops during the winter to offset this tendency, as I did last year.

This year, though, I decided to let them "rest" both on account of the scare and because the box containing our poultry lights had gone missing in the garage. It surfaced a couple of weeks ago, and I was planning to install the illumination, but at this point, I think I will just let nature take her course.