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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yes, I DID do something today.

Ever have those days, when you are busy and doing all day long but by the end of the day, you feel like you have accomplished nada?  Well that's it for me today.

I had a nearly-full day at the store, which was -- for once -- not totally chaotic and insane. Apparently there was not a big last-minute rush on movies and music, as the department was a quite reasonable order for any time of the year, let along after a holiday. We did not get a huge pile of additional stock to be shelved just as I was leaving, instead we got a very small quantity of stock, mostly titles we actually needed, in plenty of time for me to get them to their proper places and to move some of the 20 or so copies of seasons 1-3 of Gilligan's Island onto the sales floor. Yes, I said Gilligan's Island. For some (unknown to me) reason, the movie powers that be seem to think this is a hot series this season. LOL

I stopped at the Sams Club pharmacy on the way home, having had to wait half an hour for it to re-open after lunch. It annoys me no end, when I get off work at 1:30, to have to pick up meds on account of the pharmacy lunch schedule. Ah well... I could have picked up the additional tarp for the poultry on the way TO the pharmacy instead of after, but seeing the line of cars waiting to turn left onto another street and blocking what would have been my left turn into the place we gets tarps told me that even with the wait, it would be more efficient to buy the tarp second, avoiding two left turns across traffic.

So I picked up meds and a 20' long tarp and the mail from the PO box and sent a movie off to a friend's daughter... one of the gift pack from work that we had less than no interest in watching. And came home.

K helped me deploy the tarp over the three poultry "tents", adding extra pieces of 1x3 as support for the tarp between the tops of the cattle panel A-frame units, and carrying several old wheels and brake parts over to hold the tarp in place until there is sufficient snow to freeze it to the ground.

Now, mind you, I am not at all sure that our strange and strong-willed fowl will actually shelter there. They have been bedding down on the mulch hay insulation between the shelters for the past month. But it is there if they are willing. That's the most I can do at this point.

Ducks and chickens are still off their laying and we have yet to find the lights I used to wake them up, last year, when I left for work. I had put the light fixtures and switched cord in a visible box in the garage, but K has been organizing. I'll leave it at that. I suppose they can use the vacation and I am getting a dozen eggs a week from a friend whose hens live in a well lit, heated barn.

After I got in, I washed a passel of dishes, put finish on more sections of the spinning wheel and made supper -- spaghetti with "American style" sauce, a la my grandmother, but using my home canned yellow tomatoes instead of the usual red ones. Next time I try this (and there will be only one "next time" this year, as I canned only two jars of the yellow and orange fruit) I would like to use both green and red bell peppers, as the colors of the veggies show nicely against the lighter colored sauce.

I have to semi-short work days left in the week, and tomorrow is supposed to begin a storm with serious wind and snow accumulation. We have yet to get chains for the tractor, so K will clear the drive cautiously. For the first time since starting this job, though, I will not feel too bad if, for any reason, I cannot get out to be at work on time Friday. There are no special projects scheduled, no "special new release" movies to my knowledge (which is typically the reason we are scheduled on Friday) and thanks to a visit from a colleague on Monday, the shelves look great and we don't have a lot of back stock. So "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"