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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cycles and Balance

I see life as a series of cycles. They should not be the "running around in circles" kind, but they will be unless you are willing to grow and learn. If things are proceeding as they should, I think, then the cycles will be a spiral; when you come back to a point in the cycle, you will be in a different place, in time, space and mind.

This past year was a year of not really being "here and now" for me. It was a year of putting one foot in front of the other, of being very much not here, of diagnosis -- a long process -- and of healing -- another long process. It was, in many ways, "a year out of time."

But with the arrival of theYuletide wave, I feel like I am coming back, here and now, ready to start a new cycle.  I am once again feeling the tides of the moon, dark to full and full to dark. I am feeling the tides of the seasons -- light to dark, dark to light and what for me are the appropriate activities for each round of these cycles.

I have been looking forward all summer to the revival and setting up of spinning wheels and loom, of having time to spin with my drop spindle until the wheels were ready, and then to sit and spin, sit and weave. Those are, for me, activities of the dark months. And I have felt a serious push to once again look at the garden with a production-oriented eye. Of course, a friend's connection to a local buying club in need of new local suppliers -- a way to sell produce on a reasonable scale without spending multiple days and many hours sitting in a parking lot -- helped that. The fact that this info came on the new moon, putting extra "oomph" into my "work what you want to manifest" side of the lunar cycle was .... coincidence? Maybe not, but make of that what you will.

Finding a short term discount from one of my seed suppliers on Facebook set the garden planning/seed ordering in motion. That order has been placed, and the list for orders from some of my other suppliers started, as I researched varieties and prices to place that first order. I'll have the majority of it done before the full moon this week. And hopefully, one of the spinning wheels will be finished as well (it came in pieces... a birthday gift earlier in the year that has been waiting for me to find the time and space to apply a proper finish to the wood and assemble the parts)

With the moon turning to the waning side, it will be time to focus more on cleaning, clearing and de-junking. This needs done because (a) I was terribly lax during the "year out of time" and (b) there are other projects that I cannot begin until the areas have been cleared and (c) soon it will be time to once again assemble the growing racks and start the early seedlings. But those are projects for the waxing moon. See.... cycles and balance returns.