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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

We thought we were making progress... Tractor Guy got the mower deck back on Fergie and took to mowing around the garden in preparation for cutting down the weeds and old plants before putting the tiller back on. He was motivated, the weather was right and he was hard at it when he put the mower deck down and heard an unexpected sound... BANG... the pin that hold the contraption that allows the tractor to raise and lower the deck had disappeared.

After looking about behind where he stopped and finding nothing, he backed the tractor up so I could look under the deck, a likely place for the pin to have ended up. Nope, still no luck. Well, at least it is a relatively inexpensive part, easily replaced on my (extra) trip to town tomorrow.

Frustrated, as he likes being able to do when he has the energy and cooperative weather, he headed the tractor back up to the house until I got the part tomorrow. I had walked down to the garden to ask him a question and had been helping look for the missing pin, and he offered me a trip back to the garage, where I had been setting up to work, in Fergie's bucket. Before I could sit, though, one of the hydraulic lines started spewing fluid! Lack of hydraulic pressure means the that bucket would not stay up, even enough for it to clear the ground for him to drive the machine up to the house. Tractor ended up. front wheels a bit off the ground, leaning on her bucket! Well, at least it could roll backwards and sit normally, but now in addition to the pin, there is hydraulic line on the list. Damn.

I was, at least, able to make some progress on the construction of the chicken coop. Not as much progress as I would have liked, as I ran out of light and nearly out of nails at about the same time... but three of the 4 walls are built, wood is cut for the final one, and a plan is in hand for the peaked part that supports the roof beam. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, at least by mid-day, so I am hoping that I can find enough nails to complete the final wall construction and use the rainy afternoon for a town run (though I hate to head in when I do not have work in the morning). There are two hex signs completed to package and ship, and a trash run, to the dump in our little town, would also be a good idea. So we will hopefully get parts to get Fergie up and running again, get nails and ship hexen.

I have plenty of web jobs to work on during the rainy parts of my "days off" and, as always, house work and home renovation projects in various stages of completion.