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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The work week begins

For me the work weeks begins at 6 AM Sunday, getting everything set at the store to align with the corporate ads published in the Sunday paper.  Sometimes this is a  big job, sometimes it is huge but seldome does everything go smoothly.

Today was a seductive day; I thought when my lunch break came, that I had things pretty well in hand. there were some titles I had not yet found to put where they needed to go, but with other folks helping un-box my materials, it gets a little chaotic sometimes.

Got back into the fray after lunch, thinking I would have time to catch up on a bit of  backlogged backstock when I ended up discovering a problem that had "run down hill" so to speak and the I needed to make time to correct what the folks who send my the products had messed up. No biggie.. we re-sticker products often. This time, however, I was instructed by my "help desk" (are these things always named by the law of opposites?? ) that I needed to use one of my devices to photograph each of the items that had the incorrect code on the price sticker before re-stickering it!  That doubled -- at least -- the time required. Was necessary, though, to document the need for the work so they could bill additional hours. I understand that, but DAMN!! Made a long day ever longer...

I was glad to get home to the simple chores of picking lettuce (way more than we needed, of course.. I still have "market brain") and cleaning it for this weeks suppers, washing and prepping the carrots dug yesterday (had been sitting in water in a bucket; washed them in the bathtub with the hand held shower head... once again, market head rules!) and cleaning after the cats.

I find these simple food storage tasks grounding and I love putting by for the season.

I managed to share all of the surplus of duck and hen eggs, so that the fridge is no longer backlogged with eggs. Only one tested "old" and I shall cook it for the dogs tomorrow. We got one hen and 4 duck eggs today; I hope their productivity will be more in line with our needs soon... a few more ducks heading to "freezer camp" may help that, but it will be a while before that happens. I ended up with extra hours this week and a full week coming next as well. I don't mind the extra bucks, but I am hoping for decent (translation: non-rainy) weather soon so that I can put time at home after some of my not-quite-so-long workdays into building winter housing for the fowl.

Now, though, there are hex signs that still need paint and a good night's sleep, I hope, in the works. A bit of grocery shopping is on the list tomorrow, before I get home. I used the last of the rice today, and all but dregs of the oatmeal. I have been working hard to use up the bits of meat that tend to accumulate here... the odd bits of fatty ham, single chicken breast, etc... but am not quite through it all, so the resupply of bulk meat will wait. I found a small pork roast and a single chop which are now in the fridge, thawing, for a session in the crock pot tomorrow. I wish I could cook them with kraut, but K does not like it, so they will be cooked with apples and I'll add kraut on the side for me. Some of our potatoes and a salad should complete tomorrow's supper .