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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pagan Pride

Once again I find myself wishing, just a little bit, for folks a bit more in line wTheith my spirituality. I am not Asatru (that path is too hard line and too focused on tribe/community/family for me) nor am I Wiccan ( nothing against these folk but it is not my path.

Pagan pride was an event. I followed up on a request for Pagan-friendly businesses who were not wanting to be vendors to deliver brochures or business cards to a representative for display at the event. This happened a month or more ago. The brochures I delivered were left on the organizers kitchen table. They "made it up to me" by offering me an unclaimed vendor table. I had the foresight to drag along a few completed hex signs and a passel of eggs which I set out. Sold or gave away the eggs, had interest in the hexen but no sales (these local events seldom generate any) but I need the brochures back for some other purpose (which I cannot remember now, but I do remember thinking that the timing of getting remainders back at the end of the event was a good thing) but I fear getting them will be like pulling hairs.

There were a few interesting people that I talked to at the event (not about spiritual topics, admittedly) and th people watching kept me awake. The one workshop I attended was ok. The ritual, put on by a long-standing Dianic group, was... unfocused, chaotic and wimpy. I have attended several of their regular rituals and was not impressed. Still not. At the end they closed the ritual by howling and one male attendee howled longer and harder than the rest of the assemblage and, in my perception anyway, balanced out the totally female energy of the ritual and grounded the event. Yay for him!

I have carrots to clean and refrigerate, and cat boxes to clean but I am going to bed after tending the rabbits. Tomorrow is a major work day and energy and focus will be required.