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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hail Frigga! and a LOOM!

Late posting today as I have been busy getting space cleared for the behemoth of a rug loom that I found for sale on line recently, and went to pick up today.

It is an old Weaver's Friend (Pg 4 of the linked PDF file) that appears to be in usable shape. The thing weighs 300 lbs and is over 50" in both length and width and is currently sitting (covered with an "easy up" tent cover) in the back of my truck waiting for daylight to unload and bring into the house. We were not able to pick it up until 4 pm and by the time we got home, the sun was getting low. The best part of the whole thing is that I only had to pay $50 for it! At that price, I would have expected something in pieces and likely with parts missing. This one does have a couple of makeshift parts (what appears to be a length of coat hanger wire is used for a connection to the brake and the brake crank handle is a handle from an old wood stove, but they work.

As large as the thing is, we will need to remove both of the sliding glass doors to get it inside and I needed to clear a seriously large space in the living room (the only room we can get it into!) for it to sit. My formal altar, which used to be set up on the lid of my dad's Navy footlocker, has been trimmed down and now occupies two quarter-round shelves on a taller shelf unit, the extras packed away in the truck (in which I store out of season altar decor and witchey items I am not currently using) which has been moved to another room. My sewing machine also had to be relocated to the bedroom, where my "work in progress" spinning wheel is living for the moment.

I DO intend to get the back room refurbished this winter (flooring, and possibly floor replaced and a  built in work bench made for the north wall, on which I can draw and paint the hex signs.) and when that is done, the altar and other things can return to that dedicated sacred space. That will allow the spinning wheel and possibly even the sewing machine, to return to the living room.

Meanwhile, since my spinning and weaving is something I dedicate to Frigga, I am pretty sure She will have no issues with the location of either of the tools, or the more formal altar.

Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and I can post pictures of the progress.