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Thursday, October 11, 2012

End of the work week

I am being most thankful for the end of the in-town work week this week. And glad that, for once, we were allowed extra hours as needed to complete the huge pull of old stock. I often feel more than a day late and a dollar short trying to keep the department organized, looking good and well stocked, with the extra projects that we get handed.

My day in town therefore went longer than scheduled, but since I knew there was the potential to actually get the job DONE by keeping at it, I made sure I had a lunch so I could see it through. Then a quick trip to the store for a couple of odd ends and to cash in the change that has been accumulating in the cornucopia.

Each morning I do a ritual ... greeting the day, invoking Frigga and her Handmaidens and making an offering -- a coin or two into a cornucopia basket with the words "From the Gods to us and from us to the Gods that there might be much for many." This is my variation on a Feng Shui prosperity ritual (I believe) that I learned long ago called  "the penny dance."  When the basket gets full, I change the change into folding money and use it for something appropriate in the name of the Gods. This time, it shall go to buy food which I shall offer at the Pagan Pride day. They, in turn, will donate their offerings to a local food bank. I have $20 which will be turned into non-perishable, basic food on my way to the event on Saturday.

I was so beat after work today that I ended up using most of the remaining afternoon in a nap. I did dig out the silicon seal and "Great Stuff" canned foam insulation and filled most of the cracks around the new door. K brought in the kero space heater and the bit of remaining kerosene and hopefully I will acquire more on my running Saturday. The bit we have should get us through tomorrow and overnight. We have a predicted low of 30 tomorrow night, our lowest predicted low thus far this year. We still do not have insulation and drywall around the door but that will come.