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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Delights of Fall

I was going to post a pic of the wonderful yard full of leaves that I got to scuffle through on Monday, going to and from my massage appointment, but it appears that Blogger won't let me upload from my system or from a URL any more! So I'll just give  you a link to the picture and hope they get this worked out later.

I really don't feel like it's a proper autumn until I have, at least once, walked, scuffling my feet, through masses of dried leaves. As wet as the autumn has been, I had all but forgotten about this joy. That, and the fact that until this week, there was little FALL to the fall; many of the trees in my area were still green and the ones that were changing were, well, wimps regarding color. Not too far away, when driving to a friend's farm, I drove into autumn and truly enjoyed the colors though they were still somewhat subdued.

Well, over the weekend the local trees got the idea and pretty much changed and began to drop leaves all at once. My friend and massage therapist had not raked and I think the leaves did a nice job complementing her fall and Halloween decor.

We have hit a cool spell that has been great for the Tractor Guy in his working to get the tractor up and running. In fact, he was about ready to install the mower today when ... surprise, surprise... it started raining.... again. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and dry, so hopefully he can make some progress before the next damp day.

I am beginning to feel that this small visit from the Big D (depression) is finally getting put on the run by my St. John's Wart treatment. I usually note that an improvement in my mental state accompanies a time of being less than regular about taking my mid-day capsule and I have made that mental note today. Despite the exhaustion of two full 8 hour days at work this week, and the accompanying knee pain, I realized I was feeling great after work Yeah, I hurt (but I had not had to wrap my knee until only an hour was left in the work day) but I had a positive attitude; the extra errand of getting mail out via the post office and coming home to a chilly house did little to dampen my spirits.

It has gotten cool enough that I installed the heated mattress pad this evening and will turn it on low. Tomorrow will finish off the work week, with a day of painting to follow and attendance at the local Pagan Pride Day on Saturday. I am planning to construct my chicken house next week (have Wed. off) or at least give it a good start. Still not sure about inexpensive, durable and available siding for it!