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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Catching up on little stuff at home

When I get a chance to stay home all day I love to take it; I look forward to retirement and immediately scaling back to, at most, ONE trip to town a week. that should make my tank full of gas last a month.

I made great progress on the hex signs in progress today, got "caught up" on sleep ( though I know one really cannot do that, it felt good to be able to sleep until after dawn), had a late breakfast and concentrated on dishes and laundry while waiting for the paint to dry.

It was unseasonably chilly and very windy today, though the wind did not blow nearly as much as yesterday.
The view above is yesterday's storm rolling in. The wind was so severe it moved the duck "tent", flattened the upwind side of their pen and moved both the hens' tent and pen several feet.

Today, it was just sufficient to make a cold and only partially sunny into a "good drying day" for the laundry.

I was glad to have stopped up most of the holes around the newly installed door yesterday. It kept the living room much warmer and allowed the kerosene space heater to do its job this evening.

Now, time to do a bit of spinning in Frigga's honor before I bid her good evening, extinguish her candle and head to bed.