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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching Up Days are Good for the Soul

I love "catching up days." Days off from work (usually an extra one) when I don't DO any particular projects but merely catch up on lots of things hanging fire from having to do bits here and there, working around the weather, time and energy constraints.

Sometimes I don't feel like I "accomplished" anything (and sometimes I don't actually get to the END of any of the "catching up" projects, but sometimes -- like today -- I feel like I have done as much if not more than my sore body indicates.

The first thing I "caught up" on (though I know science says one cannot truly do so) was sleep, or at least rest. No matter how hard I try to get to bed early on work nights, I just cannot seem to get more than 7 hrs at the most, usually less, of sleep. And often, even on days off, I wake up frustratingly early, unable to turn off the mind and find sleep again. This morning, however, I DID get to rest. Neither dogs nor cats decided to disturb me. Score one for me!

I got in a good online chat with an old friend who happened to be online at the same time. Almost an old fashioned "over the fence" chat over coffee while I gathered steam. Excellent way to start the day. Had a great breakfast, too, even though it was late. I miss my egg breakfasts (just not enough time on work days; I settle for thick cut oats cooked the night before and heating in the micro, usually with milk and wild Maine blueberries or strawberries.

I got the dishes caught up also. Somehow, I never got into the "do dishes right after supper" mode of my mom, and I don't have time in the morning on work days, so sometimes they collect a day or so. I wash and K puts away; that also puts me behind sometimes, as there are days when he is not even up to this small chore and it makes him feel bad if I do it.

Next up was progress on some of the hex signs I have on order. I painted the first coat of green on one and drew the design on the next larger one, then painted the first coat of yellow. My temporary work space is shown in the photo, above. You can see the small sign in process on my painting altar, with the next larger one on the floor (painted white) and a 4' diameter that also needs painting to the right.

While the paint dried, it was time to complete the current round of the Fall Clothing Shuffle. I took two laundry baskets of summer clothes to the garage, sorted them into the appropriate boxes and stacked them in the wardrobe. In the back and forth garage goings, other stuff that was needing to go in both directions got carried (and what went into the garage, stacked on appropriate shelves.).

I unloaded the garden cart, which we had used to haul stuff away from the porch project area, so I could use it to haul produce, leveled the dirt at the bottom of the steps and went to the garden to dig the beets (a big bucket full) and collect the last of the onions (another bucket full, 5 gallons). I found a good serving of broccoli to pick for supper as well as harvesting some lettuce for salad tomorrow (likely rain would make picking not exactly fun). Also moved the chickens run to the garden area. they had been shy of it since the skunk's visits and I am hoping that a new location swapping out the "tent" shelter will allow them to relax a bit.

Came in for a rest and remembered... the laundry!! Two very full baskets later, all the laundry is in the house. Let it rain... again...

Time to take a pic of the newly completed deck, put the fowl to bed, make supper and have a bath to be ready for my 3 hr day at the store tomorrow!