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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Revel in your Body

Revel in your body. Whether it is tall or short, rail-thin or amply padded, it is yours to USE, so use it! Make it work... Let the muscles and bones know that you mean business. Feel them work and after the work, feel them when the ache. Feel them play! Run, jump, chase a football, dance! Dig a garden, hoe a row, bend close to the earth to encourage a seedling and snatch out a weed. Plant a tree, fell a tree, split its wood and carry it to the fire.

Become friends with the pulls and strains, the aches and pains. Feel the work that was done, the play that was done in aches that you feel. Do not, in all these efforts, neglect the body you use so well. Most often it should not need the physician, but a hot bath, a cold compress, a wrap or a rub goes far towards preventive maintenance. Befriend your skin; it holds you in! And it is often the only armor between you and the pokes and scrapes. Yes, it is self-repairing but remember it only has limited magic.

Because some day, whether you use it or not, whether you put it through its paces to and even beyond what you think are its limits or coddle it like a soft boiled egg, your body will age. It will slow down and complain about this and that. Something will fail, and then something else.  You will have aches without play and pains without work and will need to work through the pain and play through the ache. If you recognize these feelings as old friends, you can draw on the strength of the work you did once and upon the play and when you carry on -- because carry on you must -- your heart will be lighter.