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Sunday, September 30, 2012

NaBloWriMo... Here I come!

Never have been able to complete the NaNoWriMo but maybe this might be up my alley. I DO want to get into the habit of blogging more regularly and the challenge of writing something meaningful each day, with the chance of interesting more folks in the doings here at Hearthfire Hill in the "wilds" of central Maine, has appeal.

Tomorrow we have been given guidance to post an introductory entry. Today, though, I will just jump right in with the excitement of the recent few days. When one juggles a part time job in town, the joint from-home careers of graphic designer and folk artist as well as trying to bootstrap a subsistence farm / homestead in a northern climate... well, life is rarely dull.

We have entered that period of time where the heat, and production of summer has waned and winter is breathing down our necks. We wish for mild fall days in which to complete projects put off by the summer temperatures and the busyness of tending a large garden, but this year we are getting rain. Our deck replacement project got rained out Friday (deck is usable, steps do not yet exist) and I will have to don muck boots and grab a stick and flashlight to head off to work at 5 AM each day until the steps have been built, as I must exit through the back door.

Today on my trek around the house I took a detour to check on the chickens, who had been making fussing sounds even before the rooster crowed. I was not terribly surprised to find that the skunk, who had visited Friday night, and been walked off by the beam of the flashlight from a distance, had returned. I was already almost late to leave for work so I went to rouse K to deal with the varmint. I fear I waked the entire neighborhood long before my mighty hunter awakened. I hollered, honked the truck horn and flashed my light back and forth across the uncurtained window to no avail. The dogs, asleep in the same room, did not even bark when I started tapping on the window with my cane! Eventually K did wake up, got the message and I headed off for work.

Bad news is that the beast got one of the hens for sure and one other, plus the rooster, remain missing.

A long day at the store and the rain and overcast sky is not making me excited about painting today, but I have orders to fill and therefore hex signs to paint. This is Harvest Moon night, so I shall prepare a bit of a special meal and pour a libation to the Gods this evening. I hope that They will allow the rain to abate soon, as not only do the steps need to be completed, but I still have onions, carrots and beets in the garden. The beets are owed to a friend and I need to get them out of the ground on a day when they can be delivered quickly.