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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Twelve day Work-in-Town Marathon

This is day 4 of what will prove to be a 12 day marathon of work-in-town. My part time job which was never really supposed to be fewer days, just fewer hours) has added some more Friday work days, and this week not given any mid-day off. Adding to that, I am doing a business expo for my design and art business on Saturday, then do a (thankfully just) 5 day work week following. They have posted the following two weeks schedules and they are just regular 5 day weeks.

Adding to the stress, we have had more than typically hot days and not quite cool enough muggy nights. I suffer from summer seasonal depression, so I have begun my St Johns Wart again, hoping to head off the major blahs.

On the good news front, I am mostly caught up with hex orders... just one 3' on the bench and likely a couple of 2's will be ordered soon (custom signs, I have been in design negotiation with the potential customers) keeping the flow going but not drowning me.
Also for now (hear that loud knocking on wood?) the fowl seem to be staying in their pens, both hens and ducks. Baby ducks have gotten big enough to no longer be able to fit through the snow fence holes. The very tall grass is almost all down and their pens are being moved weekly or so onto new ground. The hens don't like the demise of the tall grass, though. It made it very hard to place their pen, but gave them cover in which they liked to lay their eggs. Now they are back to laying in their summer shelter/tent and I need to remember to take my cane with me to pull the eggs within reach, or pull the tent back to reach the eggs.