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Monday, July 30, 2012

High Midsummer

I feel and see the tide of High Midsummer (my name for the spoke on the wheel of the year commonly called Lughnasadh) is upon us. Yes, the uber heat spell has passed (thankfully and hopefully it will NOT return to Maine) .  It is time to water the garden and we have been putting up wood, but there is change in the air. Even K asked, while grilling this week, "When does fall come here?" as he had noticed "something has changed." And it has.

The sun is not QUITE so early to rise now. I notice this because, for the past couple of months, I have not needed to light a lamp when the alarm calls me from my bed at 4... but now, even on days with no clouds blocking the first light, it's dark enough that a lamp is needed at least when I arise. And driving to work at 5, I do not have the full might of Old Brazen Face staring at me over the horizon.

My thoughts turn to fall plantings, hope for a good harvest of the crops in the field, and the projects that must be done before we button up for winter have taken on new urgency.

So the tide cometh. Hail to Sunna and to the Earth which brings forth bounty for our table.