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Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Annual Central Maine Business Expo

I committed a while ago to attend the First Annual Central Maine Business Expo in Newport, ME, representing both Dutch Hex Sign and Vision IPD, my design studio business.

Now the expo, which happens on Saturday, is almost upon us! On top of an atypical 6 day work week at my part time job, I need to build 18 digital files to print/assemble and mount on poster board to fit into the 18 display squares on the two, three-sided display columns that I rescued a few months ago from the trash stream at Best  Buy. Also am planning to run a power point presentation on the computer, with the laptop powering one of the two large computer monitors for better viewing. Have to build that, too.

And, of course there are still hex orders to fill (one, a 3' custom sign, I will take to the expo, partly completed, as part of my display). And the garden is calling for attention. We have a wonderful cool day after a couple of really hot weeks and I long to be out in the garden but the display materials won't build themselves. I'll knock out as much as I can this afternoon then hit the garden after supper to pick and inspect, and if time permits, weed and fertilize a bit. As of today the forecast is for tolerable temperatures for the next week, so once the expo is out of the way I will focus a bit more on the garden.