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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hail, Frigga! (TGIF in the common vernacular ...)

It's Friday, the first day of my "weekend" from work in town... which means extra time in the garden. Still planting, transplanting and of course weeding! We've had a good rain of late, though cooler nights than typical. Still, the tomatoes and peppers seem happy. I direct seeded winter squash and melons, which I have not done before here. I missed the seeding indoors date due to much work on the schedule, both in town and here abouts... with painting hex signs and other farm chores.

Potted up a couple of baby maple trees I gathered yesterday, to let them grow up a year or so before planting out, also potted up one of three weeping willows, ditto. They will go outside for the summer, get dug in to the garden this fall and hopefully be ready for the permanent homes next spring. another thought to implement in the chicken pen to keep Pheasant from perching on the roof of their "tent" and flying out. Also have to find and catch her again, as she was no where to be seen at chicken bedtime last night. The last of the hens are in isolation to see if they are laying and should be ready to be banded before the weekend is up. The less successful layers will be offered to a new home with one of the roos and then an order will be placed for turkey poults and a few new layers.

This is also Frigga's day, and a day in which I give special attention to the "hearth" and heart of my home... the kitchen. Kitchen currently serves as potting shed as well as for food prep and the favorite sleeping place for the two large dogs as the weather warms, so the floors and counters always need more attention than they get on a daily basis. As I do a bit of extra "deep cleaning," and make sure to clean the stove, I keep Frigga in mind, honor her and thank her for her blessings and the guidance she and her Handmaidens give me each day.

Tomorrow, I will be attending Fiber Frolic, a local gathering of spinners, weavers and others who have their hands in fiber work of some sort. There are classes, demos, vendors and camaraderie! I have signed up for a drop spindling class, and learn this craft not only to produce yarn to use to make things to keep my family warm in the winter, but also to honor Frigga, so she is much in my awareness these days.