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Friday, May 25, 2012

In The Flow

Do you know what I mean when  I say that I am "in the flow" at least a little bit, at least for a while, again? It's that feeling one gets when one knows they are where they need to be, doing what they need to do... not paddling 'cross current trying to reach some possibly unattainable goal on the shore; not stroking like crazy trying to get back up stream from when they just came.

Sometimes one can get SO in the flow that it an unmistakable "religious experience" regardless of your path. Most times, though, we dip our little toe in and wonder "is that really where" or worse yet, splash across a tributary to the main river and never notice.

Yesterday I was in it, but something was awry. I am still not sure what, but it was. There was work and seeing a friend/delivering eggs/picking up pots and planters. There was a nice sit down with a group of ladies who spin and knit and embroider and some raise goats and some raise sheep... at the home of a lady I just got introduced to (initially virtually) by another friend/client/healthcare provider. There was home, and rest, and a brief flurry of worry over deer in the garden (they had not been there to eat... yet...but had walked through) and an intense lecture on meteorology followed by a late supper of salad and biscuits. And in each part, it felt right but somehow it didn't quite fit together.  Hummm...

Usually, two RI Reds and one of the Aracanas fly the coop.
In the tall grass, finding eggs is fun.
Today and tomorrow are home and garden days. The crazy season has me "behind" in that endeavor and more so as some of the early crops have not emerged at all. But the rainy and damp of the last few days maintained into the morning and I kept to bed, subtracting a bit from the sleep deficit that comes as a result of 4 AM wake ups for work and the long, sunlit evenings of the season. Still have not been out to tend the birds, but that will come soon. I hear the escapee hens clucking that they have laid in the porch nest. I am plotting to extend the posts that hold the supposed "no-fly" barrier, just need to find some sort of hollow medium that will fit securely over the top of the insulators on the posts. 3/4" PVC is too small, 1" too large... already tried samples of that. I guess on Sunday I'll take an insulator with me and run around the lumber yard like a mad inventor, hoping that the staff will not ask if they can help me. Trust me, guys, it would take longer to explain than for me to just run around your store. LOL

New duck pen encloses the old one, which will remain until
the eggs hatch or the moms give up trying.
Chicken pen gets moved today, to give them new grass. Duck pen has been completed and moved to surround the smaller, original old pen which now opens into the new one. Once the nests hatch or are abandoned, these fowl will be movable, as well. Cleaning their pond is on the list for this "weekend", too, as is photographing their new pen.

Along with the gardening, there are as always, hex signs to complete. The two-sign order will be delivered locally once their owner returns from vacation and plywood has been brought home to cut the next orders, two 3' signs of different designs going in different directions. I only have the room to paint one of that size at a time, so cutting and sanding will begin soon as well.

Breakfast granola has been eaten while I write and the outdoors calls. It's wet but not raining... muck boots and jeans (which will be covered in mud by days end, I am sure) await. ... and I am off...