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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flying the Coop

The "no fly zone" netting is not working as good as I had hoped. Pheasant, one of the Aracana hens, has been getting out regularly, as has at least one -- possibly more -- of the Reds. They have a tendency to fly back in later and so far have not gotten at the garden, BUT...

I am clipping a wing as I catch them (Pheasant has been done) and considering putting longer posts in to hold the netting upwards. Considering adding a piece of pvc over the fiberglas post, to make them 5-6 feet tall.

On the other hand, the hens who escape seem to want to come to the porch nest to lay, so maybe they are doing this to protect their eggs from the egg-eating members of their flock? My chicken psych and sociology is not up to snuff.