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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Indoor Planting

Today I made mini soil blocks and planted: 20 each mini cubes of:
cabbage, Danish Ballhead
cabbage, Frigga
cabbage, Golden Acres
cabbage, Red Express
cauliflower, Early Snow
lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson
lettuce, Buttercrunch
lettuce, Cardinale,
lettuce, Cos
lettuce, Green Ice
lettuce, Outredgeous
lettuce, Red Salad Bowl
lettuce, Royal Oak Leaf
lettuce, Slobolt
lettuce, Speckled Amish
lettuce, Summertime
leeks, King Richard
celery, Afino (cutting)
celery, Tango
Herbs:  basil; red, sweet, Thai, lemon; marjoram, cumin, catnip
Chinese Lantern
Straw flowers

And got the final sign-off for the Cape Lookout National Seashore project, so I will be burning their CD copies of the files tonight and will be overnighting them by FedEx tomorrow! Now I can move on the the smaller web projects that have been hanging fire.

After setting out the special new release movie at the store tomorrow, I am planning to check out a group of "local" folks who work with fibers and who meet on the U of Maine campus in Orono every Friday and the 4th Saturday of each month. I have known about these folks for some time and have been wanting to check them out but finally decided to make the time now that I have the energy. I really dislike having to come back into town on days off, though (which Friday and Saturday usually are) so I decided that hanging around in town for the morning and attending the meeting tomorrow was a good use of time, especially as the CALO project is done. I will take some wool and my cards.