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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Once again, become Do-ers, not just viewers

Most folks make resolutions with the turn of the calendar. For me, though, the dark of winter is a time to contemplate, to look both ways and analyze, to plot and to plan and to think on things.

Spring, which quickly approaches, is a time to prune a little here or there (though on the woody plants - as opposed to us humans - that chore should already be done before the sap begins to rise) and to set forth new growth. Resolutions, I suppose, though I don't call them that.

I work most every day surrounded by movies and music cds, and today I was thinking of how much our world has changed. Now, I don't watch a lot of TV, an occasional movie, but I do some. But mostly what I have been becoming aware of -- in listening to conversations around me and in reading conversations online -- is how much we focus on TV and movies. Some folks, it seems, that is all they ever talk about... this show or that, this actor or that actress... and not just about their roles on the stage or screen but details of their lives. It's funny, though I remember watching a LOT more TV when I was young (it was what my parents did in the evening) as I think my school friends did as well, I don't remember this being a constant focus of conversation. Maybe a quick "Did you see..." or a "What do you think will happen next?" if it was a show with a plot that carried from week to week. Oh, of course some of my friends had the "heart throb of the month" plastered on their bedroom walls and notebooks... but we, and our parents, DID stuff!

So as the wheel turns and life rolls on into growth mode, I ask y'all to join me in the "Do-er not Viewer" challenge. Commit, as I have, to spend at least as much of your "free time" (beyond work) DOing something as you do VIEWing. Now, I know we use the computer for many things (after all I am here right now!) and the TV screen as well as Utube are a source of information as well as entertainment. But information, unused, has a way of becoming trivia and entertainment can be active as well as passive.  So, let's get going and doing!

Ride a bike, take a walk, fly a kite, write a letter, a poem or maybe a book! Pick up an old hobby that is laying in the corner feeling neglected or find a new one. Take a class and then put that class to use! Volunteer! Moreover try to DO something that will impart value to your life, others' lives and the future. Start a garden and have pretty flowers or some good fresh food to share. Build something... a birdhouse or feeder, a brick oven, a chicken coop! Darn a sock, knit a sock, sew an apron (remember them?) and then take it into the kitchen and try a new recipe or bake an heirloom.

Whether you are full of vim and vigor or even if your body is less willing these days, there are plenty of things you can DO to get your mind occupied and strengthen your connection to the web of life. I will be sharing my "DO's" here for at least two months. Making a habit...