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Friday, March 16, 2012

Bringing a blog back to life

Sometimes, I think, following what the Gods say can make one look like a flake.

Reliably, for day and months on end, They had me taking down and transmitting thoughts that I received. "Words of Wisdom" they said... for me and for me to share. It felt very strange, but I did it. Then, seemingly out of the blue, They said "This work is done. Stop." And I did. So these digital pages have languished here in cyberspace for some time.

Much has happened -- and little has happened -- since that day.

As I began to think about my work with and for Frigga this evening (Friday being Her day, you know), I felt a nagging nudge. As the day progressed, the prompting became more noticeable and clear. "Start up that blog again, but differently. Talk about what you do and why and how you do it."

So here I am at the computer, Frigga's candle and those of her Handmaidens burn in on the altar and I am contemplating how to pick up these threads, which I am to ply and weave together on these digital pages. What the tapestry will look like, only They know (and as is often the case, They are not saying.)

I expect I will be writing about a lot of seemingly unrelated and very mundane stuff. But in the tradition of "chop wood, carry water" as I live it, nothing is simply mundane, nothing totally spiritual.That ol' As Above, So Below thing...

So what do I do these days? What threads might I be weaving here?
  • The thread of health; for the first time in many years I had a reason to seek the services of the medical practitioners of our society. None of us are getting any younger, and time does its work. I am following the recommendations of the medical professionals as I seek to find solutions more in keeping with my natural bent.
  • The threads of self-reliance. That yarn has lots of strands plied in. While there will always be reasons to be thankful for commerce, and needs that we cannot fill solely by our own hands, I feel strongly about providing as much of our sustenance as I can. There is the garden, and the fowl. There are hopes/plans for other creatures... goats and small cattle. There are the ways in which I put up the harvest, the challenges in working and tending the land and in helping my partner to discover his ways of comfortably living this life we have chosen. I suppose in many ways, self reliance could be the tapestry we weave, for most everything seems to have tendrils there.There are threads of home repair and maintenance in here too, and projects for the farm.
  • There are the threads of the cash flow -- the works that produce income for money is a needed thing, still.The hex signs fall in this realm (among others) as does my design work through Vision IPD.  At this point, I am also working in town part time as a merchandiser. While I enjoy the work, it takes me away from the farm and into town more often than I would like.
  • There are also threads of thread, and yarn and fiber... "hobbies" or passtimes or more ways to self reliance that also have spiritual roots. Carding wool, spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, embroidery, making of "rag" rugs (from the fabric left over from the fabric circles for the indoor hex signs), sewing, mending, darning....  Where does growing corn for brooms fit in? 
  • And then, of course, there are the wild yarns, tales, ramblings of a mind that doesn't even necessarily SEE that box we are supposed to think outside of... 
Come, let's see what will happen next!