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Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Artist Dates"

I definitely need to get back into taking time to nourish my "inner artist." If you have read The Artist's Way then you are familiar with the concept of an Artist Date. If not, become so. Whether you think of yourself as an artist or not, I think it is essential to engage in this sort of exploratory, playful and possibly even selfish behavior... taking time to do something you enjoy, just because you enjoy it, and all by yourself. Now, I don't THINK this is selfish, but I suspect that in some circumstances, others may see it as so... as so many of the messages we get over our lives extol the virtues of selflessness, putting others first, etc.

Bottom line: if you don't take care of and nourish your spirit, there will be nothing to share, no point from which to serve.

Yesterday I spent about an hour and a half at a meeting of a group called Fiber Friends. I had heard about this group of spinners, weavers, knitters and crocheters, quilters, etc when I first arrived in Maine. They meet in a museum on the campus of the U of Me in Orono, not terribly far from me, once a week on Friday and on Saturday of the 4th week as well. It has taken me almost 4 years to get there, but I am glad I did. I am not uncomfortable walking into a group where I know no one, even if I do not have a clue beforehand that we have something in common.And Orono is not that far away. So what took me so long? "Finding" the time!  LOL 

It's amazing, though, how much effect this appears to have had, first off, on my day and -- or so it would appear -- overall. Yesterday I got up uber early to head to the part time job, ran errands, gassed up the Subaru again (OUCH!) and wandered from west Corinth to Bangor to Orono to Dover-Foxcroft, making a day that was just a few minutes shy of 12 hours on the go. But I had more than the energy for it, and in fact felt more revved up as the day progressed! And I still feel that way today.

With the turning of me moon from New to waxing, I call forth the increase that I feel on many threads: energy, health, abundance, growth on many fronts. So Be It!

And now I am off to push pixels on some web edits, begin painting on a couple of commissions and an un-commissioned piece for the Dutch Hex site, pot up the baby onions and hopefully get some work done on those outside projects.