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Sunday, October 28, 2007

HEX of a weekend!

Well I have all the paint applied and am ready to begin thinking about packaging. Somehow, I always though that "real artists" were free from the sort of deadline pressures that plague us designers and "commercial artists"... but I guess not. Maybe that's just the "starving" variety of artist? LOL

Anyway this is what I have been up to this weekend. Friday night I finished cutting and priming the "blanks" but not a single line was drawn nor brush decorative brush picked up until yesterday!

This one was requested, on wood, 20" diameter, as the customer sent me a photo of 4 designs hanging on a gallery wall and asked for me to replicate them. Since this is folk art Inot copyrightable) and the designs were familiar to me I agreed. However, in the photo they sent me this sign was painted with 16 rays. This is incorrect; there is no proper use for that number in a sign.. . this is a yearly blessing (rays of the sun) and therefor I painted it as fortnights (24) which is allowable but uncommon. The center holds a six petaled flower (good fortune) surrounded by a protective 6 pointed star.

This is another yearly blessing sign, similar to one that I have seen called the "Daddy Hex" though I have no idea why. I hope the folks who are getting these signs NEED the over-abundance of fire energy (they are not going to CA, thank the Gods!). Traditionally many of these colors were not used. In the old days, you used what you had... red (from the barn) white (from painting trim) and green (from the porch floor) were common. Other colors were not and color was not of significance as much in those days. Now, I often use color representationally and, while I am glad to fill orders, I would prefer that folks consult more on the significance of what they order.

This is another one that I was not personally familiar with from my work. I found it on the web with some malarky explanation saying that the leaf motifs around the border represent family members support and that the multicolored rosette was for joy. I dunno who made that up or why but what it told ME, while I painted it, was that it was a prayer for abundance / fertility through the four seasons with yellow for spring, green for summer, orange for fall and brown for winter. Now, THAT makes sense!

Here is the last of the four custom designs finished and drying on my workbench. This one I wonder about too.. it is familiar to me, as you can see by the smaller image, which is the design painted in it's fullness on a prosperity box. WHY anyone would leave out the FAITH (unless they were either ignorant of what they were painting... or perhaps it was a Freudian slip?) when painting a prayer is beyond me... Also I have no idea why they painted the wheat images blue, unless here again they did not understand the symbolism.

These folks also ordered 5 of my designs from my website, painted on art paper for framing under glass. These I completed during the week.

I also sold the 24" exterior Love and a Happy Home this week and the check arrived this weekend so I get to ship it too! It is a Christmas gift and I will be wrapping it too.

Since all of these things are painted while in sacred space, this has been a VERY intense weekend!