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Monday, September 3, 2007

The Universe is telling me stuff...

I have started a new practice, in my morning meditation and rituals. And as a result, the Universe At Large, or the Powers That Be or some such out there hands me an aphorism of the day.

So I am going to start posting them here... and emailing them out to anyone who would like to have a thought pop up in their mailbox each morning.

So far I have gotten:

Sept 3 The seeds of all you need to know are within you. Plant and nurture them and you will Know. Books only confirm Inner Wisdom.

Sept 2 You share your knowledge and wisdom constantly, by deed and word. You may not see the Student, but s/he is there.

Sept 1 Hold on. Don’t give up. Open your eyes and look Beyond, for there is help. You have only to see it.

Aug 31 "Everything that goes up must come down" is not fatalism; it is a statement of the necessity for grounding while we sojourn in the earthly realm.

Aug 30 Seek ye therefore BALANCE. It is not static nor does it stem the Flow; rather it adjusts gently, like the tides.

Aug 29 2007 There is a time for Eagle and a time for Dove; it is best when Eagle remembers Dove heart and Dove remembers Eagle might.

If you would like to hear directly what the Universe shares with me send an email to The Hexenmeister with THOUGHTS as the subject line and Subscribe in the body.