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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My art promotes WitchCraft

There is a community of artists online, of which I am a part, which encourages members to host virutal art shows on their websites, including and promoting the art of all in the group. It is a diverse bunch and most recently a piece of art from one of the members was rejected from a show by one of the others because it "promoted witchcraft..." I did not participate in this show, but I do not recall in the info that went out soliciting contributions, that there were restrictions as to content or theme. The group is in turmoil at the moment over this... individual rights of the actively Christian artist, discrimination issues, etc.

I am a Witch. I do not hide the fact and my art is strongly tied into my Craft, though it was taught to me by my very Christian grandmother... who painted the traditional designs (many of which I also use) and empowered them with prayers "in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen" as I did (and still will if asked or if I know the buyer is of that belief system).

But I AM a Witch. And I stand proudly as a Witch, working magic and invoking the Gods for the good of all. I work for the protection of our troops, and for my homeland. I work for the protection of those of my heart and of my hearth, of kith and kin. I work actively to help our planet. And I work for understanding, as we are all together here on this rock spinning around a ball of glowing gasses in the vacuum of space. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, Witch... and all the rest... MUST accept that each Way calls to its own. The Christian way is not the "only way" for everyone though I will grant that it is the only way for some. Ditto all the rest.

I am considering hosting a virtual art show this fall -- October? November? -- if it would not be too trite... "The Season of the Witch" for "witchey-themed art"... art by Witches... witchey women and witchey men that I know are wonderful artists... trained and naive...

just thinking...