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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog intergration

Well, folks, your Hexmeister turned geek this afternoon and has managed to integrate this blog in with her website.

Now, hopefully I will be able to keep it more up-to-date, as well.

My design work with Vision IPD has taken much of my time of late, but starting tomorrow our outside hex signs will be once again displayed on our rack, outside the studio on weekends. This has been problematical, at best, as the winds seem to LOVE tipping over the display, and our first attempt at securing it with tent stakes was a decided failure. WIMPY stakes. However we will investigate stouter version in the next weeks. Also stouter versions of the picture hangers have been obtained and will be secured to the rack.

My main occupation of late, with the designs, however, has not been in painting, but in the application of some of the more popuar designs to household objects. These are NOT hand-drawn or hand-painted -- and therefore do not pack the magical "punch" as the designs shown on this site, but may appeal on a different level. They will be shown by TerraLune, a gallery that I am establishing online (initially) and hopefully in physical space next year, to feature art and objects which call on the Elements and the Gods/Goddesses in diverse ways, promoting healing of the Earth, environmental activism and awareness and worshipful respect for all of nature.